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Benefits of Mulch

  • Adds curb appeal
  • Prevents soil erosion and runoff
  • Controls Weeds
  • Reduces soil burn in the summer
  • Releases nutrients into your ground
  • Low Maintenance

How We Color Mulch

We offer mulch in black color and brown color. Our highly controlled process ensures full saturation and rich colors. We also allow at least 3 days of drying time. Since we use fairly dry pallet wood, our colors are deeper and last longer than mulch made from other materials.

What We Do

We recycle old pallets to create environmentally friendly and safe landscaping mulch for your home or business. Our mulch creation process grinds or shreds pallet pieces into different sized chips. Other uses for mulch include playgrounds, parks, churches, and more.

Are you looking to refresh your mulch and don’t know how much you need? Use our handy calculator to see how much need.

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Visit this page to start a quote for your mulch purchase. Also learn about delivery options (limited areas) or pickup at our New Kent location.

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